07 February 2011

# 2 - Relationships and Marriages

I am currently reading through the book of Genesis and there are some very interesting points raised about relationships and marriage. What is amazing to me, other than the wonderful stories, is that in the very first book of the Bible we see principles that should be used today when it comes to relationships.

Think about the story of Adam and Eve. When Adam first saw Eve he shouting something along the lines of, "This is it!" How excited he was! And he should have been. She was the perfect woman for him, and God made her especially for Adam. But let's take a look at how things were before she came into his life.

Whatever God created he also evaluated and he was very pleased with all he had done at first. In fact, he said that everything he had made was "excellent in every way" (1:31). But there was one exception to the rule. God's evaluation of man was, "It was not good for the man to be alone" (2:18).

As the first man, Adam enjoyed the unique privilege of knowing God intimately, but he probably noticed that all the other living creatures had mates, and he was alone. There was no suitable partner for him. So God, who was obviously aware of this omission, said, "I will make a companion who will help him."

This is the reason behind God making Eve. Not from the dust like how Adam was created and not from any other animal, but from Adam's side. I think it is very important to analyze that statement. Eve was not created from the dust or any other animal but from Adam's side. She was not created from his head to rule over him, although sometimes it can feel like women rule over us guys. :) She was also not created from his feet, to be ruled over by Adam. I think God purposely made Eve from the side of Adam to be alongside him. And she was certainly that in God's eyes because she was made in the same image and instructed, like Adam, "to multiply and fill the earth and subdue it" (1:28). She couldn't do it without him, nor could he without her. She was special, made specifically for Adam. Adam recognized this when he shouted, "At last!" And so this uniquely created man and woman began the world God made especially for them.

How amazing was it when you find that person? Did you yell "At last!" when you saw her? Do you picture your wife or your girlfriend as Adam did? As a unique person, made in God's image, especially for you. Many marriages lack this sense of adventure and exploration. It is a two way street but men could gain Adam's excitement if they viewed their wives as Adam viewed Eve. If the modern man would recognize his Eve as a divine piece of work, marriages would be transformed completely. We wouldn't have a 50% divorce rate in the United States and it is still climbing. Every marriage has room to grow through God and every man has an opportunity to grow in intimacy with God. Any husband who adopts this viewpoint shouldn't have any problem looking at his wife and exclaiming, "Wow, she's remarkable, and God has entrusted her to me!"

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